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Today I thought I would share with you a powerful word that I live my life by. This word has resonated with me on a deeper level and I have found that when I am feeling in a bad place, confused or sad… if I remember this word I can get past anything.

This word helps me remember who I am, what my values are and where I want my life to go. It helps me keep the ‘Big Picture’ in mind and helps me stay focused on my long-term goals.

I know some people choose a ‘word of the year’ in January’s to  keep in mind their goals for the upcoming year and this word for me is just like that…only, this word is not just for 1 year…I want to live my whole life by it. If I feel like in the future it doesn’t suit my life then I will change it, but for the foreseeable future I don’t see it changing any time soon.

So here goes;

Meraki (May-Rah-Kee)

This is a Greek word that cannot be translated into English with another one word. This article here explains it in more detail. If you do a quick Pinterest search…it will say the meaning of this word is;

To do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

Pinterest is where I found this word and I instantly fell in love with it. So I popped over to Google to do a little bit more research.

Meraki means to do something with total love. To do something with Meraki, means you are putting your heart and soul into that ‘something’ you are doing or creating.

An example of how I would put it into a sentence;

I will create this mini album for you with meraki.

When I write I do so with meraki.

I love my life with meraki.

I do not say this word aloud and to others because they wouldn’t know what the hell I was talking about. But I silently say this word to myself before I do anything that has meaning in my life. This reminds me that if I have choose to do something, I will do that ‘something’ with all my heart and soul. I want whatever I create and do, to have a little piece of me in it and my love to shine though it for years to come.

It’s like that saying “if you are going to do something, you might as well do it properly” this word is like that for me “if I am going to do something, I am going to do it with love, with all my heart and soul” because if I don’t, what the point of doing it at all.

This word resonated with me because of my love of creating and writing. When I am doing either of these things, I am truly in a happy place. When I am in a happy place, all my love and attention goes into what I am doing.

Whatever I create, I will do so with meraki. Every word I type or write by hand I do so with meraki. I know the more I create and write, the more I will improve. The more I improve, I know in my heart I am growing as a person and as a spiritual being. The more I grow by doing everything I do with meraki, the more I know I am who I am because that’s who I want to be. (I hope that makes sense)

When I found this word, I was in the stage of my life when I was looking for meaning and purpose. I had been in a state of depression for over 3 years and when I finally hit rock bottom when my friend died, (To read about my friend, click here) I needed change in my life.

Before this I had lived my life to please others, I was always worried in case I said the wrong thing, if I acted in the wrong way. I was always worried if I had upset someone, even when I knew I didn’t do anything. I felt guilty for no reason at all, all the time. I just wanted to be liked by everyone. Being liked by everyone is not possible, I know this now. And to be truly honest, I don’t want to be liked by everyone. I do not like everyone, so why should everyone like me. And to be liked by everyone means you are not standing up for something. Something you believe in!


Without anything to believe in you just become another sheep in the field…looking the same, acting the same and doing all the same things. To do everything you do with meraki…. You are no longer just a boring black or white sheep. You can be any colour sheep you what to be. Pink, blue or even rainbow coloured. In fact let your uniqueness and authenticity stand out even further and be a bloody unicorn or a neon coloured dragon! Be whoever, you want to be! I want to be a forever colour changing butterfly, with eternal life. Flapping my wings freely while I travel the world and leaving sparkle and glitter where ever I go!

Back on track…

Because of the sadness I was always feeling, I knew I needed to make changes for me and only me! I needed to live my life to make me happy…not everyone else. I needed to do things that made me happy and do things that brought my life meaning.

So, now before I do anything, agree with anything, say anything or make any kind of decision at all. I repeat the word ‘meraki’ to myself. To me this is like a metal check in with my values, passions and dreams.

Is this decision I am making contradicting my values?

Is this decision I make in alignment with my passions?

Is this decision I make going to bring me further towards my dreams?

Then I ask myself…if I do decide to do this ‘something’;

Can I do this ‘something’ with all my heart and soul?

Will this ‘something’ make me happy?

Will this ‘something’ make someone I love happy?

If my answer is yes, to all or most of these questions…I can make any decision with full confidence and at ease.  Just this one word has changed the way I look at life, it has changed the way I make decisions and it has changed the way I live.

So, I thought I would make a whole new Pinterest pin for what the word means to me…


If you also like this word…get pinning!

Do you have a word you live your life by? Has any word had the same effect on you, as meraki has had on me? I would love to hear what you think…please leave a comment down below.


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