Past Projects

I would just like to share some of my past projects with you. Be pre warned that the picture quality of these projects are not to good…When I took them I didn’t know I would be posting the pictures online. The following project’s were specially made as personalized gifts.

Vintage Junk Journal

Vintage Journal.jpg
This was actually made for my cousin (Hi Gemma) to give to her friend as a gift.

My aim for this journal was to make it look aged and old. I used distress ink on all the pages.

Here is a slide show…

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Shabby Chic Photo Album

shabby chic memories mini album.jpg
I made this as a birthday present for my Nana.

This album is made of chip board so it is very sturdy, I included some interactive parts inside.

Here is a slide show with some more pictures,

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Cute Water Fall Album

And last but not least…

Waterfall mini album 3.jpg
This was a quick little project I made for my Aunties birthday.

This album was really easy and quick to create…and also really fun.

Another slide show,

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I have made lots of other projects but unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of them… Really wish I did now. I think it is good to look back on past things that you have completed…to see how much you have improved and see how many new skills you have actually learnt. We don’t realise at the time, how much we are evolving everyday…unless we look back and reflect.

Just over the last year, not only has my crafting skills improved…My writing skills have improved, my confidence has improved and I have certainly learnt a lot about myself. I have grown so much as a person… I am comfortable being my true authentic self without being so self-conscious all the time.

How much have you evolved over the past year? What skills have you learnt that you take for granted now?  Share you first creations with me on my Facebook Group or tag me on Instagram.


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