‘Me To You’ Baby Boy Mini Album

Baby boy mini album

Here is a Baby Boy Mini Album I made last year (2015), this was the first one I ever made and I was really proud of it.

As it was so long ago that I made it, the pictures aren’t to good and I would like to apologise in advance.

So here we go…

Baby boy mini album 4
Here is a view from the side, it was very chunky. 
Baby boy mini album 2.jpg
From the other side, I think I made the spine inches.
Baby boy mini album 5.jpg
So here’s the first pages… When you pull the ribbon, you can open that to add many photos. It is like an accordion file. Then on the other side I just added some embellishment and some tags. 
Baby boy mini album 6
This page has a flip that you can open up to put photos inside, it has a magnet to keep it shut, so it doesn’t fly open all the time.

Every page is a pocket… When you pull out the tab, you get a large photo base on each side.

Baby boy mini album 7
These page’s are pockets. The second page has a magnet on the flap…to keep things in. 
Baby boy mini album 8
These pages I kept pretty simple, by just adding a few embellishments here and there. 
Baby boy mini album 9
Another magnetic flip and a pocket. 
Baby boy mini album 10
More simple pages with a few embellishments and tags. 

I can remember while I was making this, I was realising how chunky it was becoming…so I was trying to calm down with the embellishments. Next one I make I will be taking this into account. When I finished it, it was hard to tie the ribbon to close it. 

Baby boy mini album 12
Here is the last pages, I added more pockets. One side just has a simple pocket with some tags put in but the other pocket holds a whole other mini album that can hold 6 by 4 photos. 

Here’s some close ups…

Baby boy mini album 14
Aww how cute is he man!

Baby boy mini album 13

Baby boy mini album 3
And here’s the back!

If you are interested in making your very own mini album like this…I followed corenescreations YouTube tutorial. She is amazingly talented and I totally recommend you go check her channel out.

She has a 4 part tutorial where she shows you how to make a mini album From start to finish…

Part One    Part Two    Part Three    Part Four

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