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I don’t know if you guys had noticed but I kind of lost my mojo in June. I had a writing block and I couldn’t concentrate on one thing at a time for very long. I had quite a lot of things going on in June, after going away for the first weekend of June…I was finding it hard to get back into the swing of things when I got back…then my son got an ear infection which resulted in him being home from school…then after that it was my daughters turn. Fast forward 2 weeks…my whole schedule for June was ruined. I didn’t even know where to start to catch up.

I don’t know about you but when I don’t have a plan to follow…I fall into a down spiral of procrastination. I was finding myself lots of things to keep me busy but I wasn’t really being productive.

However, now that I have done some reflection I see now that is was properly down to it being a year since my Kev passed away. Kev was my best friend and adoptive dad (not legally but in our hearts). I wrote a post about Kev here, if you would like to read it.

Kev was the first close person in my life that I have lost… and my way of dealing with the grief was to jump into my work and keep myself busy doing things that I love to keep my mind off my heart breaking loss. Kev was my role model and inspiration to follow through with my love for creating and writing. I took the plunge into entering the world of creative entrepreneurship to honour his memory.

If you had known me before this, I was living in fear of everything. I was in a state of deep depression and suffering from low self-esteem and anxiety. I promised myself that each day I would push myself more out my comfort zone each day to make my dreams of being a writer and creative entrepreneur a reality. And I have done just that…I am still in the beginning chapter of this new life that I have planned for myself but I am so proud of what I have achieved so far.

I am telling you this because during my time getting here…I had been blocking my pain of grief behind it. With the anniversary of the loss of my friend upon me…my pain has all rushed to the surface and I don’t know how much longer I can keep it locked within me. I think this past year I have been in a state of denial, and it has flown by so fast. I have been jumping from one creative idea to the next just to keep myself busy.

With my unplanned break last month, the realisation hit me that I had not actually given myself time in my ‘plan’ and ‘schedule’ to actually grieve.

Although I am glad of all the progress I have made, because I have grown so much as a person …personally, professionally and spiritually. I think the time has come that I need to take the next step in the grieving process and accept the reality that I am never going to see him again. I often wake in the middle of the night…in shock all over again that he is actually gone.

It’s like I have been in a dream all this last year…nothing is real. My life has totally changed…but it hasn’t been me changing it….it has been a robot me on auto pilot!

My mind has been constantly on the go, thinking of new ideas and how I can implement them. Taking on extra things that in reality I didn’t have time for. However, I was jumping from one idea to the next without actually seeing any of them through.

I have read so many books, blogs etc. on personal and spiritual development this last year, that before I have had time to implement anything I learnt from one book I was jumping on the next books theory’s. Each book has a different outlook on the said subjects that they sometimes contradict each other…which was causing me to become confused and lost in my thought patterns. I wasn’t actually taking a step back to reflect on those theories to see what MY actual opinion was about them.

What did I really think?

Did I actually agree with them or did the theories contradict with my own values?

I was taking everything at face value and not looking within myself to listen to what my own inner voice was telling me. I wasn’t only burying my inner critic deep inside me…(to stick to my promise to myself to push myself out my comfort zone), I was burying my inner self along with it.

During last month’s break from constantly burying thoughts…I unexpectedly allowed my inner critic to break free again…it was screaming at me from inside….

You are stupid to think you could do this!

Creative entrepreneur, who do you think you are!

Nobody in the right mind would want to read what you have got to say!

Everyone is laughing at how bad your YouTube videos are…!

My thoughts were beginning to paralyse me. The dark side of my ego popped back into my unconscious mind and was playing some nasty tricks on me.

Once I realised this…There was only one thing I could do!

I jumped into my journal and did some hard core brain dumping. I stick to my mantra that journaling is the best self-therapy you can do for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

I have come to the conclusion that in my professional life;

 I need to spend less time keeping myself busy and more time focusing on being productive.

In my personal life;

I need to spend less time in my head and more ‘real’ time in the present moment.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to separate my professional and personal life and create more of a balanced schedule.

(In my free time I was thinking about my creative ideas, in my ‘working’ time I was thinking about what I was going to do in my free time).

And last but not least… I need concentrate on my physical well being a lot more then I have been.

At the beginning of this year I planned on sticking to a schedule of fitting in yoga and meditation into my day….it lasted about 2 month. I do still fit these into my weeks…but it is more sporadically. Leaving it to a time when I know I need to do something to concentrate or relax.

And I also need to take more notice of my diet…if you read my last post, you would have heard, read me mention that I don’t like cooking. I will always go for the easier and quicker option when it comes to eating. Resulting in me choosing the wrong things to eat. This is something that I really need to work on.

I bought the Wellness Planner from Kikki K, thinking this would inspire me to take more notice of my diet and exercise but it has been unused and just sitting looking pretty in my collection.

I need to start using this ‘beautiful’ planner, to get this part of my life on track. To hold myself accountable…I will write a post (or status on my Facebook Group) of my set up and keep you updated with my progress. If you don’t see one of these posts in the next month or so PLEASE contact me to remind me.

I think it is important to finding someone to hold you accountable when trying to reach any personal goals…it gives you extra motivation to actually follow through with them. If you need an accountability partner…I will happily be yours. Join my Facebook Group and we can all be each other’s.

I have created this closed Facebook Group to be a safe and friendly environment, where we can all support and share experiences. A problem shared is a problem halved. I have also created it for you to come and share inspiration with others…with whatever creative endeavour you take part in. But don’t worry if you don’t have a creative hobby…you are still welcome J

As we are on the topic of accountability, I have also created a new blogging and YouTube schedule I want to stick to, here it is;

Monday: YouTube video

Wednesday: Blog Post

Friday: A corresponding Blog post and YouTube video

Sunday: A random, anything…if I have something to share.


I have really been enjoying making ‘Journal with Me’ videos. I am slowly learning the best ways to film and edit etc. and really enjoying the process. They are a mixed video of my creative journaling process with a mini vlog at the beginning. If this interest you…here is a link to the playlist.

Journal With Me Playlist

At the minute I have only been creating crafty related videos, but I have plans in the future to create some Personal-development related videos…where I will share some creative ideas and tools that I use to reflect and stay on track of living a more fulfilled life. I plan on doing book reviews and sharing what I have learnt from them and what I have personally taken from the book to implement into my life. (This will also help and remind me to do this before I jump to the next book).

Would you let me know in the comments if this is something you would be interested in?

Also could I ask your advice on whether I should separate my crafty related videos from my personal-development related videos with different YouTube accounts?  Because I know that people who are interested in crafty things aren’t so interested in personal-development and vice versa! I suppose that is what makes my channel unique… what do you guys think? I would love to hear your feedback. Because the only reason I am thinking about creating these videos is to help other people live a more fulfilled life… (While helping myself) so it is really down to what you guys would like to see.

100 Creative Journal Prompt Challenge

If you have been following along with me over the past 6 month, you will have seen the Journaling series I did called ‘A Beginner’s Crash Course on Journaling’ and the spontaneous challenge I created afterwards. The challenge was called ‘100 Creative Journal Prompt Challenge’. But it was to basically complete 100 journal prompts and share your entries with my on my Facebook Group or Instagram. I created the challenge to have 3 winners and although it was off to a good start, with one person winning within a few weeks…it hasn’t had much more interest.

I am happy enough to call this challenge a win and a loss on my half, because I did inspire at least one person to journal and a learnt a lot about what works and doesn’t work for when and if I decide to create another challenge.

If you are just hearing about this challenge now… I am so sorry but I will be closing the competition as of today, but if you would still like to download the journaling prompts to do them in your own time…please feel free to do so….

100 Creative Journal Prompt Challenge

There was meant to be 3 winners as mentioned before, and they were to win a personalised handmade journal made by me. However, there was only the one winner and I made a YouTube video going through the final product….

Here’s the video if you would like to check it out…

Pastel Kawaii Alpaca Journal


Something exciting coming up

Since last month was a month of reflection and re-evaluating, though my journaling I realised I didn’t only need to spend more time on my nutritional diet, I needed to spend more time on my emotional diet and start feeding myself SELF-LOVE!

I need to learn to love and accept myself…I need to learn to give myself a break…I need to start looking after Mind, Body and Spirt. Embracing my true authentic self and allowing my light to shine through without worrying what people will think of me.

During my readings and research I have done on the subject of self-love, I have been inspired to create workbook and eBook on the subject to help others achieve TRUE self-love. I have noticed the phase ‘self-love’ gets thrown around a lot, but do people actually know what it means to truly love them self no matter what? It is so important to have a good relationship with yourself, as much as it is to have good relationships with others.

I know this fact…but how do we actually achieve this kind of affection towards ourselves? If we have lived for so long, doubting and second guessing everything we think and do…how do we beat the deep rooted neural thinking patterns that is ingrained so far into our brains?

In the eBook I cover chapters around the subjects of habits, your ego, battling body issues, letting go of your past and much, much more.

In the workbook, I give you action steps to complete and journal questions to get you thinking about your self-worth in a whole different way.

I am not sure what the eBook and workbook will be called yet, but it will be ready and available to download for FREE in about a month or so…I am still working on it to iron out the fine details. But I just thought I would let you know that it was in the works. If you think this could be something that will benefit you or be of interest you… subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss out on it.

I have created this in a way that everything you need to know about self-love is in one place, with questions and action steps that you can take immediately to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. This is going to be something I REALLY wanted to find when I started my search, but instead inspired to create myself.

You may be thinking…

“What advice can you give me, if I you are still on the journey to finding TRUE Self-Love”

… well I admit that I am not an expert but I can share my experiences and my knowledge so far with you.

Here is a Quote from a book I have just been reading called…. LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK by Rebecca Campbell.

Be OK with where you are and all that you have right now – especially the bits that you are working on. The people you are here to guide are the ones who are a few steps behind you. You don’t need to have it all sorted, or be an expert…

It’s your humanness that truly touches people,

…not your superhuman-ness.

She then went on to say…

You don’t need to pretend or prove that you have it all together, rather just share what you have figured out so far. We are all in a school of life together. There is no final destination, no end point, just increased consciousness and a deeper understanding.

So I have took Rebecca’s advice and started creating this little package of self-love and I would like to share with whoever needs it. I do not promise that I have it all worked out…heck I might never have it all worked out! But if my findings and words can touch just a small amount of people, I will feel like I have served a purpose.

My divine inspiration has knocked on my door and asked me to create this self-love package and I have agreed and signed the contract.

(A little inside joke from another book by Elizabeth Gilbert, called BIG MAGIC)

While we are on the subject of books…I will be doing a book review on both of these books mentioned (so keep your eyes peeled for that)

And if you haven’t already…I highly recommend you read these books if you are at a time in your life where you are searching for something deeper…

Here’s some links to where you can find these books to buy and read them for yourself;

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell

Until then… I would just like to tell you if you don’t already know…I share Daily Affirmations over on my Instagram account, to spread positivity, motivation and love around as much as I can.

Well this post has been longer then I had expected, but it has come to an end. If you have read through all of this post I would just like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to do so. If you have any questions, queries or feedback from anything you have read here today…please leave a comment down below. I love to hear from you guys 🙂

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My ‘Crafty’ March Favourites

My crafty march favourites .jpg

This month has been a good month for me, ‘craftily speaking’. I have tried a lot of new things, got some new stuff and I have found it easy to get in the ‘zone’. I feel like I have finally found my process… prep, get started, enjoy the process and then the final touches. I enjoy every single step of the whole process. Crafting defiantly is my happy place.

So I thought I would gather all my favourites from last month and share them with you.

Project life

12 by 12 Baby Pink Project Life Album from Hobby Craft

Project life is new to me, I have been wanting to start for a while and have watched like a million YouTube videos of other people’s processes. I was so excited to start my own and I finally took the plunge. I was so lucky it was Mother’s Day coming up because I knew exactly what to ask for hehe. So when my Project Life supplies arrived I wanted to jump right in…however, I became so overwhelmed with it all and didn’t know where to start. That often happens to me when I try something new. I had watched so many process videos and everyone has their ‘own’ way of documenting. So this just confused me further.

After seeking advice from a lovely Facebook group that I am in, (Mrs Brimble’s Happy Place, more information below) I pushed through my discomfort and just started. I struggled at first but it didn’t take me long to find my feet and by the end of my first layout I feel in love with it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Project Life is such a great way to document the ‘small stuff’, the pictures that are not particular ‘special’ enough to scrapbook a 12 by 12 layout  (like from special events ect.) but all the same precious enough to NOT want to forget.

My favourite Project Life YouTubers are Ashley Laura & The Sassy Club, if you would like to check them out.

(For people that are unaware of what Project Life is…it is a simplified scrap booking alternative to document your memories – click here  if you’re interested and would like to learn more).

Pocket letters

Pocket letters have been around for quite some time now, but I have just been admiring other people’s creations from distance and not actually participating. Pocket Letters were created by Janette Lane, as a new way of sending and receiving pen pal letters. Basically it is the process of filling a 9 page pocket protector (like a baseball card protector) with goodies; such as stickers, embellishments etc., along with a letter and mail tag. But the fun part is… you get to decorate the front however you choose to.

(To learn more about pocket letters click here)

I have never had a pen pal before and this is what held me back but I have connected with some people in a pocket letter Facebook group and I have made my first 3;

The Little Mermaid Theme

Little Mermaid Pocket Letter
Little Mermaid Themed Pocket Letter.

Easter theme

Easter Pocket Letter

Tinker Bell theme

Tinker Bell Pocket Letter

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have found it easier to create them with a theme in mind but there is so many creative ones out there… if you are interested in pocket letters I suggest you join a Facebook group to get a feel for them and find a swapping partner…or if you would like to contact me, I will be happy to do a swap with you.

My favourite YouTuber for pocket letter inspiration is Serena Bee, she has such a unique cute creepy crafting style I highly suggest you check her out. Click here to be taken to her pocket letter playlist.


Flip-books are kind of new and really on trend at the moment. This is another way of creating creative snail mail for your pen pal. I have been obsessed with watching these process videos too (Yes, I am YouTube Junkie). For a more detailed explanation of what a flip-book is, here is a YouTube video by the lovely Filiz Loves Paper. She has been like the queen of flip books on YouTube, her creations are so pretty and unique. If you don’t already know who she is, here is a link to her channel. She also shares her creations on her Instagram profile, I recommend you check them out if this interests you.

I have only managed to create one flip-book so far (and its not even fully finished) and I am not too happy with it…I think this is because I had a totally different vision of what the final piece would look like and it didn’t match my expectations. But I will create more and not let that hold me back…I have some really great ideas floating around my head…for when I get the time to create another one.

Flip Book…no particular theme!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Miss Brimble’s Box

March Brimble’s Box


If you are a stationary lover like me then you have probably already heard of the Brimble’s Box and if you haven’t you are totally missing out. Mrs Brimble’s aka Anna is another lovely lady on YouTube and she owns her own little online stationary shop. This is particularly good for getting your hands on those pretty US stationary supplies in the UK, as she uses her magical powers to gather all the latest and greatest stationary supplies from around the world and makes them accessible to us in the UK…but not only for us…she also ships internationally. What makes Mrs Brimble stand out, is that she also designs her own unique supplies; such as stickers, dash boards, washy tape etc. which are always so cute and adorable. She incorporates those designs in her Monthly Brimble Boxes, which you can subscribe too or buy one off’s. They are amazing! Every month there is different theme and you can subscribe to a selection of different types of boxes that cater to your own needs & wants; such as, stationary themed, A5 or personal planner themed or happy mail themed. (To learn more click here)

I don’t have a subscription but I couldn’t resist last month’s box…it was Easter themed and once you get to know Anna you will come to learn that she LOVES bunnies! She often gives us a peak at her own bunnies on her YouTube channel and Facebook group. So I just know so much love went into her own designs…and let me tell you, you can tell. They are adorable and I could not miss out on them.  To watch an unboxing of the box click here.

Here is a peak at how I have used mine…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Yes, you read right…Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I needed something to watch while I was crafting and I was scrolling through Netflix to find something good and came across good old buffy ***smiles***. I used to love watching ‘buffy’ when I was younger and have been hooked again. It has been like a whole new series to me since I haven’t watched it for so long.



Yummy, I love a good old snack while I am crafting….who doesn’t? Maltesters is my snack of choice …not just this last month though. It is my all-time favourite thing to snack on at any time. While I watch TV, when I craft, when I read, when I write, when I travel….you get my drift, so I will stop here hehe.

My Kikki k’s

Left – Large Kikki K Grey Wellness Planner / Right– Large Kiiki K Yellow Personal Planner

Ahh for the love of Kikki K’s.

My lovely partner was working in London for a week and before he left I casually told him there was a Kikki K shop there and that they sold the best planners. I went on to bore him with the details of my favourite colours and sizes etc. and why they are just so beautiful. You know, subtly hinting for a present hehe. So I was kind of anticipating that he would bring me one back (because he is just lovely like that) but to my utter delight he brought me back two…yes two. I have been a very spoilt lady last month.

He brought me the large grey Wellness Planner that has a lovely mint colour interior. It is just gorgeous to look at but the inserts are also very useful and beneficial for your overall well-being. Giving you space to plan and track you’re eating and exercise habits. There is also section to put in your goals in, do a weekly reflection and a place to take care of your ‘mind’. (For a more detailed look, click here to be taken to the lovely Daisy’s YouTube channel at My Green Cow).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He also brought me the large yellow personal planner with black and white chevron interior. It is so bright and makes me happy just looking at it. I can’t wait to move into it for summer. (Here is a link to Daisy’s channel where she does detailed review of it).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are interested…. Come back and visit me next week where I will give you a look through my planners and share how I use them…to stay productive and focused on my work.

Also if there is a certain subject you would like me to write about, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you.

So this brings me to the end of my post… I hope you have enjoyed reading…What is your favourite thing to use/do currently? Do you keep a planner? How do you document the small stuff in your life? I would love to hear about your crafty endeavours.


This post has lots of  links. So I would just like to state that I am not sponsored or affiliated by anybody mentioned in this post. The people/products I have mentioned in this post are 100% my own honest opinions.

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How to Un-Clutter Your Mind With A Brain Dump?

Brain Dump

Since I keep talking about brain dumps in my posts I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a whole post discussing what a brain dump actually is and how to do one.

What is A ‘Brain Dump’?

Brain dumping is the process of writing down everything you have floating around in your head. Some people like to call them a Master ‘To Do’ lists and some people call them ‘brain spew’ (yummy). However, whatever you would like to call it, it is a very powerful tool to help you organise and take control of your thoughts.

Brain dumping is like spring cleaning your mind, clearing away all those mental cobwebs and organising all your physiological clutter.

Why Are Brain Dumps Effective?

Our brains can generate thousands of thoughts every day. We are constantly thinking from the moment we wake up till the second we go to sleep. Some are just one off thoughts and others are the same thoughts going around in circles. It is like they are on a merry-go-round and every so often they will pop up to say ‘hello’. We may acknowledge the thought by saying ‘hello’ back but if we are busy we may just give them a little wave, with good intentions of continuing the conversation ‘later’.

However, every day new thoughts are formed and they join the merry-go-round. The more unprocessed thoughts that join, the faster the merry-go-round will get. This will become very heavy, busy and noisy, making you feel very overwhelmed. The merry-go-round will be so full, thoughts will be falling off and some will be clinging on for their dear life. This will make you feel stressed, confused and frustrated. Your head may become so crowded that they will start to make you have feelings anxiety. Therefore causing underlying emotional and mental health issues, such as depression and chronic fatigue.

You need to stop that merry-go-round, get all the thoughts off, give them a ticket with a number/category on and tell them to join the cue.

Our brains are designed for thinking and processing thoughts, they are not designed to store everything. This is why Creative tools, such as brain dumps, brain storming, mind maps, spider graphs and journalling can be very beneficial for your overall health and well-being. They allow you to store your thoughts on paper, leaving your mind free to focus on whatever you need to do.

When & How Often Should You Do A Brain Dump?

There is no set in stone ‘rules’ of when and how often you should do a brain dump. You may decide doing one off brain dumps randomly is more beneficial to you then doing them at regular intervals and as part of your routine. You have to just do what feels right for you.

I do brain dumps whenever I feel overwhelmed by my thoughts and at the end of every month. This helps me stay focused on my goals, re-evaluate my priorities, tackle overwhelm, manage my time and help my workflow stay productive. You may decide to do them more or less regularly, just do whatever fits into your lifestyle and whatever you feel comfortable with.

How to Do a Brain Dump?



Any scrap paper will do but if you decide to make brain dumping part of your routine, I suggest you dedicate a notebook or journal for the process.


All you need is one pen but if you are anything like me then you will like colours. I like to colour code my categories. This makes it easier on the eye and easier for my brain to process.

Timer – optional

If you work better under pressure then I suggest you set a timer for 15 – 20 minutes.

Step 1 – Empty your head

Set your timer if you have decided to use one, get your paper and pens and just start writing. Just let your thoughts flow from your mind and out of the tip of the pen. Forget what I just said about colour coding before (that will come later) and just write. You can write out your thoughts in any format you feel comfortable with. I like bullet pointed lists but you may feel more comfortable doing mind maps or journalling.


I often get out my paper to do a brain dump but once I have the blank paper in front of me…my mind suddenly goes BLANK too. When this happens to me, I do little doodles on the page until my thoughts start to flow again.

Once your thoughts run dry, I recommend you keep your brain dump out on your desk for a few hours or even days. That way, you can go back and add whatever pops up into your head. Keep doing this until you are satisfied you have included everything.

Step 2 – Divide pages into sections

Once you have brain dumped all your thoughts, it is time to organise them. I like to divide one piece of paper into 4 sections and another piece of paper into 2 sections.

Page 1

  • Family/House
  • Work/Business
  • Projects – big & small
  • Personal

Page 2

  • Miscellaneous
  • Appointments, Meetings & Calls

You don’t have to use the same categories as this, you can personalise them to whatever meets your needs.

Start by transferring everything from your brain dump into the right category. Keep going till you have crossed everything off your brain dump.

Step 3 – Evaluate

Now it is time to get those beautiful coloured pens and highlighters out. Dedicate one colour for each of these times;

  • ASAP (today/tomorrow)
  • This week
  • This month
  • Someday

Once you highlight all the appropriate tasks in the dedicated colour you may be left with some uncoloured tasks. This is where you will evaluate whether or not they should stay on your list. You could delete them all together or ‘recycle’ them for a later date. All the ‘recycled’ tasks and ideas can then be coloured in with the colour dedicated to ‘Someday’.

Step 4 – Process

OK, so now you have a couple of pages that look like a beautiful colourful mess. It is time to process them. To process them I work through them in order of priority…ASAP, this week, this month and someday. Take each ‘thing’ from your list individually and write out a detailed action plan for each one.

When you are writing your action steps out it is a good idea to follow the SMART goal setting strategy. SMART goal setting is an anagram for;






Once you have all your completed tasks and projects, you can now transfer them into your planner. (My favourite part).

You now have an un-cluttered mind and a clear plan to take action on every ‘thought’. Your very busy merry-go-round is now organised and every thought is waiting patiently in cue with their ticket.

Have you ever done a ‘brain dump’? What process do you go through to empty your head of the clutter?  Have I missed something you think is important?

Please leave a comment down below. I would love to hear your views and experiences using the ‘brain dumping’ process. 

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