What the Heck is Creative Living

Your life is your art. Creativity is a lifestyle.

Albert Einstein – “Imagination is more important than knowledge”

I love Albert, I love his quotes they really speck to me. Especially this one….

“Imagination is intelligence have fun”

So you can imagine how excited I was to bump into him at Madame Tussauds;

Me & Albert.jpg

Anyway to today’s blog post…

What is creative living?

I think there is a bit confusion around the subject of creative living, most people think that to live a creative life they must be an artist or an author, a singer or a dancer, or an actor or actress…when in fact…EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE is already living a creative life. Each and every one of us are born as creative beings. The only difference is that some create consciously and some create unconsciously.

The unconscious creators are;

The mothers cooking dinner for their toddlers, searching through the alphabet chips to find only the letters that spell out their little darling’s name…

The newlywed couple that carefully picks out the colours, curtains and furniture for their new home.

It’s the ritual you have when running a bath, it’s the routine you have when you get dressed, it’s the process you go through when writing your ‘to do…’ list.

Another misconception I think people have when they hear ‘creative living’ is that to live one they have to quit their jobs and go live their life like a hippie to follow their dreams.

It certainly doesn’t mean that…

(unless that’s your thing, it’s mine…am working on it)

It just means that you make room in your life for things that make you happy.

It’s about being mindful and living with purpose…on purpose.

It’s listening to and trusting your own wisdom and intuition.

It is inner peace, happiness and fulfilment.

It is to live in alignment with your core values.

It is looking at the world of being full of possibilities.

It is believing that you are here in this world to make a difference.

It is learning from and embracing life transitions.

It is having the courage to live your life exactly the way you want to live it.

It is following your inspiration – instead of following the crowd.

It’s a quest for Personal & Spiritual Development.

It is knowing that you consciously create your own life in each moment.

And it is having a more laid-back attitude to living.

Creative living is lots of things…but it is also a very individual thing! One person’s creative life will be completely different to the next person’s creative life.

I think it is all about being conscious of what you think and what you do… to become conscious, the first step is to learn to understand yourself and your own values. Finding out what you actually LOVE and what you most dislike… because how can you consciously live a creative life…if you don’t know what you truly enjoy.

To live YOUR kind of creative life, you have to start by getting to know yourself. Search deep within yourself to find what truly pushes your buttons. Find your passions in life. Start your journey of Self-Discovery today and start being the STAR of your own life. I won’t go into detail here because I have already wrote about it here…there is also a free download to 40 thought provoking journal prompt questions that will help you explore and understand yourself on a deeper level.

Thing’s to remember when Consciously living a creative life….

Believe in yourself – don’t wait for permission to live your life.

Continue to learn and grow – its OK to feel lost. Creativity is an irrational process. Just go with it.

Just have fun

Well that is all from me today, feel free to leave me a comment down below. I would love to know what you guys think?

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Meraki – the word I live my life by…

Meraki - the word i live by....png

Today I thought I would share with you a powerful word that I live my life by. This word has resonated with me on a deeper level and I have found that when I am feeling in a bad place, confused or sad… if I remember this word I can get past anything.

This word helps me remember who I am, what my values are and where I want my life to go. It helps me keep the ‘Big Picture’ in mind and helps me stay focused on my long-term goals.

I know some people choose a ‘word of the year’ in January’s to  keep in mind their goals for the upcoming year and this word for me is just like that…only, this word is not just for 1 year…I want to live my whole life by it. If I feel like in the future it doesn’t suit my life then I will change it, but for the foreseeable future I don’t see it changing any time soon.

So here goes;

Meraki (May-Rah-Kee)

This is a Greek word that cannot be translated into English with another one word. This article here explains it in more detail. If you do a quick Pinterest search…it will say the meaning of this word is;

To do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

Pinterest is where I found this word and I instantly fell in love with it. So I popped over to Google to do a little bit more research.

Meraki means to do something with total love. To do something with Meraki, means you are putting your heart and soul into that ‘something’ you are doing or creating.

An example of how I would put it into a sentence;

I will create this mini album for you with meraki.

When I write I do so with meraki.

I love my life with meraki.

I do not say this word aloud and to others because they wouldn’t know what the hell I was talking about. But I silently say this word to myself before I do anything that has meaning in my life. This reminds me that if I have choose to do something, I will do that ‘something’ with all my heart and soul. I want whatever I create and do, to have a little piece of me in it and my love to shine though it for years to come.

It’s like that saying “if you are going to do something, you might as well do it properly” this word is like that for me “if I am going to do something, I am going to do it with love, with all my heart and soul” because if I don’t, what the point of doing it at all.

This word resonated with me because of my love of creating and writing. When I am doing either of these things, I am truly in a happy place. When I am in a happy place, all my love and attention goes into what I am doing.

Whatever I create, I will do so with meraki. Every word I type or write by hand I do so with meraki. I know the more I create and write, the more I will improve. The more I improve, I know in my heart I am growing as a person and as a spiritual being. The more I grow by doing everything I do with meraki, the more I know I am who I am because that’s who I want to be. (I hope that makes sense)

When I found this word, I was in the stage of my life when I was looking for meaning and purpose. I had been in a state of depression for over 3 years and when I finally hit rock bottom when my friend died, (To read about my friend, click here) I needed change in my life.

Before this I had lived my life to please others, I was always worried in case I said the wrong thing, if I acted in the wrong way. I was always worried if I had upset someone, even when I knew I didn’t do anything. I felt guilty for no reason at all, all the time. I just wanted to be liked by everyone. Being liked by everyone is not possible, I know this now. And to be truly honest, I don’t want to be liked by everyone. I do not like everyone, so why should everyone like me. And to be liked by everyone means you are not standing up for something. Something you believe in!


Without anything to believe in you just become another sheep in the field…looking the same, acting the same and doing all the same things. To do everything you do with meraki…. You are no longer just a boring black or white sheep. You can be any colour sheep you what to be. Pink, blue or even rainbow coloured. In fact let your uniqueness and authenticity stand out even further and be a bloody unicorn or a neon coloured dragon! Be whoever, you want to be! I want to be a forever colour changing butterfly, with eternal life. Flapping my wings freely while I travel the world and leaving sparkle and glitter where ever I go!

Back on track…

Because of the sadness I was always feeling, I knew I needed to make changes for me and only me! I needed to live my life to make me happy…not everyone else. I needed to do things that made me happy and do things that brought my life meaning.

So, now before I do anything, agree with anything, say anything or make any kind of decision at all. I repeat the word ‘meraki’ to myself. To me this is like a metal check in with my values, passions and dreams.

Is this decision I am making contradicting my values?

Is this decision I make in alignment with my passions?

Is this decision I make going to bring me further towards my dreams?

Then I ask myself…if I do decide to do this ‘something’;

Can I do this ‘something’ with all my heart and soul?

Will this ‘something’ make me happy?

Will this ‘something’ make someone I love happy?

If my answer is yes, to all or most of these questions…I can make any decision with full confidence and at ease.  Just this one word has changed the way I look at life, it has changed the way I make decisions and it has changed the way I live.

So, I thought I would make a whole new Pinterest pin for what the word means to me…


If you also like this word…get pinning!

Do you have a word you live your life by? Has any word had the same effect on you, as meraki has had on me? I would love to hear what you think…please leave a comment down below.


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A Beginners Crash Course on Journalling Part 4 – “The Different Ways & Uses”

Part 4 Different ways and uses.jpg

This is the ‘forth’ instalment of a 7 part series. This Series is called “A Beginners Crash Course on Journalling”. I will be talking about the ins and outs of journalling from all the information I have gathered from my extensive research and my experience so far. When I was originally writing this, it was just going to be one post…but I just had so much to say and the post got longer and longer. So, I thought it was best to break it up for you…and turn it into a mini ‘Crash Course’.

What can you use your journal for?

You can use a journal for absolutely anything…anything your heart desires.

Journals, Journals, Journals, the beautiful world of journals!

Here, I have created a list of all the different ways you can use a journal and all the different uses they can serve, just to give you some ideas;

Journals for Record Keeping

Dream journal – A place to record your dream experiences, this can be nightly dreams or waking dreams. You can reflect on the meaning of them and how they relate to you current situations.

Reading journal – A place to record the books that you have read and the books you would like to read. You can write your own review and reflect on what you have learnt from it.

Prayer journal – A place to record your prayers or passages from the bible. You can reflect on what those prayers mean to you and what can be learnt from them.

Language journal – A place to record new words you have learnt, when studying another language.

Recipe journal – A place to record new recipes you have tried or invented. You can leave a review of how the meal went for your family.

Gardening journal – A place to record what you have planted in your garden, how long they took to bloom. You can add pictures and write down how they make you feel.

Journals to Keep Track of Things

Weight loss journal – A place where you can track you weight loss/gain and reflect on what works and what does not. You can record what exercise you have done, how much water you have drank, how many calories you have consumed etc. You can also plan out your meals ahead of time and write out your shopping lists.

Health journal – A place to track your health habits. This may be good for someone who suffers from some kind of medical condition (e.g. diabetes) and needs to keep a close eye on what they eat and do on a daily basis.

Entrepreneur journal – A place to track your career contributions. This may help someone how is starting up their own business and needs to work though trail and error with their ideas and plans.

School/college/university journal – A place to track your progress and contributions towards your education. Where you can make connections between personal observations and class material, to generate ideas for future papers and to raise questions and issues you may have that could potentially fuel classroom discussions.

Pregnancy journal – A place to track your progress during pregnancy. This is a great way to remember how you felt during each stage of the pregnancy. You can record the first time you felt a kick, what your cravings are, and all the different names that you had picked. You can record how you felt when you find out if you’re having a girl or a boy and add the scan pictures and pictures of your belly growth.

Diary/planner – A place to track and plan your everyday going’s on. Some people don’t count this as a journal but in my opinion, I think they are. As well as planning for the future, you are recording what you do on a day to day basis. For example; you may look back in your planner and realise that you haven’t had lunch with a certain friend for 3 month and then you will know it is time you made another dinner date.

Project journal – A place to track all your brilliant ideas. You can record all your ideas, plan out your ideas, keep track of them when they are in progress and reflect on them when you have completed them.

Lifestyle journal – A place to keep track of any lifestyle changes you may be making. These lifestyles can be anything you decide; for example, a fitness journal, a spiritual journal, a vegan/vegetarian journal etc.

Journals for Memory Keeping

Journals don’t have to be just for writing… You can use journals to document your memories with pictures, memorabilia, ticket stubs…basically anything you can glue or stick in a pocket.

Here are some examples;

Travel journal – A place for you to record and document everywhere you have visited. You can add pictures, write about the place, write how you felt, why you liked it or disliked it etc.

Project life – A place you can document the little moments in life…using pictures and journalling. And of course you can decorate it as creatively as you like. Here is a peak at my Project Life.

Scrap booking – A place where you can store and document your photos in a visually pleasing layout.

Mini albums – An album created and dedicated to a certain event or person. For example; your baby’s first year, a family holiday etc.

Junk journal – A place you can record and document anything you want. You can put in things others would see as junk but you see them to have sentimental value to your life. For example; I like to save all the little notes my children write me and all their drawing and paintings. I haven’t actually made a junk journal out of them yet but I store them in a folder…they are ready and waiting to be made into a brilliant junk journal of memories.

Journals for communicating With Others

Group, couple or family journal – This is a journal that you share with others. You could use one if you have trouble communicating verbally with someone, to work through some issues you may be having or you could just make a journal where everyone writes in it to document memories. For example; a wedding guest book

Pen pal journal – A place to keep all your letters from a pen pal or to record who and when you sent one out or received one. There is a massive community online where people reach out to do swaps with others, where they send out creative snail mail, such as pocket letters, flip books etc. To learn more click here.

Journals to Express Yourself

And of course, journals where you can go to be free to express exactly how you are feeling in the moment…a place you can let your creative soul sour, a place to experiment with different techniques and a place where you can truly be yourself…My favourite kind of journalling.

Creative journal – A bit like a junk journal and art journal all rolled into one…you can do what you like, when you like, how you like. You can draw pictures, colour in, collage cut outs, write…there is no limit of possibilities you can do.

Healing journal – A place you can work out your feelings and concentrate on your personal growth and healing. You can dedicate it to any area of your life you feel you need to concentrate on. For example; to overcome grief or loss, to help move on from a dysfunctional relationship, to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction etc.

Brain dump journal – A place to empty your head of clutter. To learn more click here.

Art journal – Art journalling is a place where you combine art and words to express how you are feeling…you don’t have to be good at drawing or art, to art journal…that is why I love it so much.

Creative writing journal – A place where you can practise your creative writing skills.

Lister’s Gotta List – (I love Lister’s Gotta List, that’s why I feel it needed to be added here) Lister’s Gotta List was created by The Reset Girl on YouTube…where you get prompts every month. You then make a list every day in your journal/Traveller’s notebook in a creatively and visualising layout. To learn more click here.

Ideas journal – A place to record all your brilliant and life changing ideas.

5 minute journal – A journal you write in everyday for just 5 minutes about whatever you feel like writing.

Gratitude journal – A place to document and record everything you have in your life to be grateful for. A gratitude journal is a brilliant tool to use to overcome depression and anxiety because it reminds you of all the good you have in your life.

Affirmation journal – A place you document only positive things. You can record your favourite positive affirmations and quotes that make you feel happy and resonate with you. If you like positive quotes and affirmations, you may like my Instagram page…where I share a positive Daily Affirmations.


Well this brings me to the end of my list but I am sure there are many more ideas out there you could use to start your very own journalling journey. A journal doesn’t have to be ‘just’ for writing… you can keep a journal for anything and do anything in it.

I did wish I could have put pictures up of every journal mentioned above…but unfortunately…I don’t have them all to take pictures of. However, if a certain one interests you…a quick search on Pinterest and you will be shown hundreds of examples. I am always on Pinterest pinning stuff…if you would like to follow me click here.

Here is a few more examples you may want to look at;

Bullet journalling

Smash book

Wreak this journal

Midori Traveller’s Notebook

October/December Daily

Bible journalling

Meditation journal

I would love to hear from you. How do you feel about journalling? Have you tried keeping a journal before or do you currently use one? What’s your experience with journals? Please leave a comment down below.


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