October Daily Days 7 – 20 Share


Hello again guys,

I just thought I would pop on to share with you some more completed days for my October Daily…

I was worried before I started this project that I would get behind and then never finish it… but so far, so good. This month hasn’t really been busy, so I haven’t really had too much to document and had loads of time to document what I did do. (Which is a bit of a catch 22 isn’t it!)

And how fast has October flown by…I feel like I have blinked and its gone. 

Its my Halloween party this Saturday and I have had loads of ideas to DIY but I didn’t want to start them to soon for lack of space to store them etc. But now I think I have left it to long for me to finish them in time! haha I can never win!

But I am still going to give it my best shot.

I was going to make YouTube videos of everything I do but that will take me twice as long. So I think I will just concentrate on getting them done and make sure I take lots of pics.

I am also filming my first Vlog this week…for the run up to my party so…I will be able to show glimpses of my crafty endeavours there.

Anyway…I did go on a bit of a tangent there…(sorry), here is a look at my October Daily pages…

Days 7 – 10

Days 11 – 14

Days 15 – 20

Or…. if you would prefer a link to my Halloween Craft Series CLICK HERE

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