DIY Halloween Room Decor // Spooky Pastel Inspired

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Hello Spooky & Crafty Friends

Today I have 6 Halloween Room Decor DIY’S to share with you that are spooky pastel / pastel goth inspired. I had so much fun making these and love the outcome of every single one. They were so easy to do as well, even for the non- crafty type.

DIY 1 – Spooky Pastel Skulls

Spooky Pastel Skulls

This DIY was definitely the easiest one…All I did was paint them.

The skull heads are polystyrene material that I purchased from Hobby Craft online.

I used acrylic paint mixed together with white Gesso to paint them.

I mixed the paint with white Gesso for 2 reasons;

  1. To dilute the colour, I only had really bright colours in my collection and i need to pale them down a bit. I could of just used white paint…

…however that brings me to my second reason

2. Gesso is a primer, which means it is good for preparing the surface of whatever, your about to paint. Gesso is thinner then acrylic paint, but when it drys, it drys hard. Therefore it makes your surface a more stiff and slightly textured surface to work with. This helps the paint not to soak through whatever your painting.

By mixing the Gesso with the paint it allowed me to prime the skulls at the same time as I painted them. 

And that’s it…as simple as that!

DIY 2 – Spooky Pastel Pumpkins

Spooky Pastel Pumpkins

This DIY was just as simple, because all was paint them (again) using the same technique as before.

The 2 larger pumpkins are plastic that I purchased them from Wilko’s and the smaller pumpkin was a ceramic material that I purchased from Poundland.

The ceramic pumpkin was a bit harder to get coverage because of its smooth surface..therefore it has  a matt finish. The paint could easily chip off but for this purpose and for only £1 this did not bother me.

DIY 3 – Spooky Pastel Skull Ornament 

Spooky Pastel Skull Ornament

Spooky Pastel Skull Ornament

 I love how this DIY turned out…the flower part of it was a last minute idea and I am so glad of the outcome.

The skulls I used for this DIY were smaller then the skulls from the first DIY. They were a metallic material and I purchased them from Wilko’s.

I started this DIY by painting the Skulls pastel colours (using the same technique as before) and while i was waiting for them to dry i made the base.

 The base of the ornament is just some recycled packaging. I filled the little box packaging with old used up battiers to give it some weight, then I wrapped it with some black paper. I simply wrapped it like a present.

I then cut some glitter paper to size and placed it on the top to give it a decorative look.

Once the skulls were dry I used my hot glue gun to stack the skulls on top of the base, then randomly stuck flowers around the skulls in no particular order.

The flowers I used are gorgeous paper flowers I bought from Wild Orchid Crafts. I like to use these flowers to embellish mini albums and such and have plenty in my stash.

To finish this DIY off I added Flat Back Glitter Balls (also from Wild Orchid Crafts) and some plastic spiders.

DIY 4 – Spooky BOO Word Sign

Spooky Boo Word Sign


I purchased these letters from Hobby Craft online, and started this DIY by tracing around the letters onto glitter paper. I gave the letters 3 coats with black acrylic paint and while they were drying I very carefully cut the letters out of the glitter paper.

Once the paint was dry I used a sponge brush to dab Mod-podge all over the front of the letter to stick the glitter paper to it. then to finish it off i used the hot glue gun to stick plastic spiders around the letters randomly.

I really love this DIY, so simple but so effective.

DIY 5 – Spooky Mason Jar Flower Arrangement


Spooky Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Another simple DIY…I purchased the Mason Jar from Hobby Craft online, the flowers from Wilko’s and the tulle from Amazon online. The spider was from a pack of Halloween goodies I got from B & M’s.

I started this DIY by removing the lid from the mason jar and wrapping a folded piece of purple tulle around the top. I tied the tulle into a ribbon and fluffed it all out to give it more shape and cut the ends off.

I filled the jar with these ‘crystal things’ I have had for ages and don’t know the name of them…sorry!

I cut the flowers to size and arranged them in the jar till i was happy with it, then to finish it off…i hot glued a spider to the ribbon.

I hot glued the spider to the ribbon to keep the mason jar intact ready to re-use it for a Christmas decoration. 

DIY 6 – Spooky Pastel Frames

Spooky Pastel Frames

Last but not least…

When I bought these frames I didn’t actually know what I was going to use them for but I am so glad i bought them now because these frames turned out awesome…well I think they did anyway.

I purchased the frames from Poundland and started this DIY by dis-assembling the frame from the glass. I painted the frames pastel colours and when I was waiting for the paint to dry, I cut some black and white old wrapping paper to size and stuck my chosen images to the front.

The images I used were from Pinterest and then cut using my Silhouette Cameo.

Once the paint was dry I just put it all back together and (again) finished them off by hot gluing some more of them plastic spiders around the frames randomly.

Here is a video if you would like to see the process;

And that is all from me today folks! I hope you decide to make your own Halloween decor this year and if you do I would love to see some pic’s. Come find me on my social media to share your creations with me.

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