October Daily Days 1 – 6 Share


Hello Spooky & Crafty Friends 🙂 How are you all doing?

Today I am here with a quick post to share my October Daily so far. (If your unsure of what the October Daily is CLICK HERE). I managed to get days 1 – 6 completed, and I fully enjoyed the process. Although doing this project has made me realise how boring my life actually is he he. I finding myself looking for things to do just so I can document it. The good thing about not having much to document is that you get to make pretty filler cards 🙂

Anyway, I wont keep you much longer. I have created this video where I give you a flip through of my pages so far…

And there they are; I hope you have enjoyed this overview. Like I said in the video I would of liked to have done a process to share with you all but I just couldn’t find the time to do that.

Here is some links that you may be interest in;

The paper collection I am using is a digital pack from Papercakes by Serena Bee

Check out my Project Life Playlist…
My Halloween Craft Series;
Do you like Creative Journaling? Check out my Journal With Me Playlist…

Here is some links to all my social media platforms…

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Also I now have SNAPCHAT, if you want a peak into the ‘behind the scenes’ and a bit of a laugh give me a Add!

Well that is all from me today… Leave me a comment down below with your thoughts on the October Daily Project. Are you taking part in this project this year? Have you already done one in a previous year? I would love to hear your views and pictures if you have some.

If you would like to learn more about Miss Rachel B click here.

Please feel free to get in touch with me on any of the above social media networks or if you would prefer…

My email address is; rachel@missrachelb.com

Alternatively, you can use my Contact Page to send me a message.

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