Up-date & Halloween

Hello you lovely people…

You may have noticed that I have been somewhat absent in the internet world the past few month. It all started back in July when my internet went off because of a fire in my street… the lamp post with all the ‘wires’ that allow the magic of the internet to work, went up in flames. The whole street that was connected to those same ‘wires’ had to do without the internet for over a week…you can imagine, we weren’t a happy street that week.

By the time the internet was due to come back on…I was off on a camping trip I had planned near Norwich. It was a family friendly festival type camping trip called the Harlequin Fayre. My family and I had such an amazing time. There was so much for the kids to do and the weather was perfect for it. I would have loved to have took a thousand photos from it to share with you all, but my phone battery died on the first day and I was to lazy to carry my camera around. And however, I think the whole point of camping trips is to disconnect with the modern day world and reconnect with mother nature…still, I am sad about not getting many photos though.

When I got back it took me a long time to get back into the swing of normal life. I am sure it took me longer then the actual time I was away… I think that may be called ‘The Holiday Blues’!

After about a week of doing nothing but washing and ironing… I was itching to get back into crafting and connect with all my crafty online friends but it was the summer holidays after all and I wanted to spend the time with my kids before it was time for them to go back to school.

The summer holidays went by so fast and before I knew it, it was time to start getting organised again. I had a lot of preparing to do as my oldest, Katelyn, was off to big school! Yes, my baby girl is no longer a baby and is off to high school to start a whole new adventure for herself. Nobody told me how emotional these things can be for a mother… someone should create a handbook of a list of things for parents to prepare themselves for in advance because I was a little overwhelmed. but there was no need for it because she has been there for a few weeks now and has settled in just fine.

Oh… I also had a birthday! A big birthday…as big as the big 3 0! YES, I am 30 now…and that experience was a little emotional too! I guess that means I am officially an adult now…no longer in my twenties!

IMG_20160825_200921 (2).jpg

Although, I have 2 children and have technically been an adult for some time now…this s**t just got real for me! The reality of being an adult has sunk in and it sucks! But I am not going to let this reality bring me down and I am ready more then ever to get in touch with my inner child. No age limit is going to stop me from being ME…

Which brings me to now…here is a quick up-date on my crafty endeavours…

Although I have been absent online, I have never stopped crafting. I have been busy catching up with Project Life and I have obviously  been working in my journal (traveller’s notebook)… I had been making videos for some of them…but not all. And just waiting for the time to get them edited and posted.

I have posted a few of my Project Life Process on you tube over the last week or so… CLICK HERE if you would like to check out my Project Life Playlist 🙂

CLICK HERE to check out my Journal With Me Playlist 🙂

And I also have been trying my hand at 12 by 12 scrapbook layouts… I filmed my first ever go if you would like to check that out;

Since then I have completed about 10 more layouts and I am loving it…I will come back with a post dedicated just to this and share my creations with you.

So stay tuned for that hehe!

So what now?

Halloween is just around the corner and I don’t know about you but I have always been a big Halloween lover… even more so now that I have got in touch with my crafty side! Halloween crafts are just the funnest thing ever to create with… so this year I am planning to join in with the fun. I am creating a Halloween craft series this year, which will include DIY Halloween decor pieces, party pieces and hopefully some Vlogs. I am planning on throwing a Halloween party this year for my family and friends and I am going to take you along for the ride…if you would like to join me 🙂

I am also taking part in documenting the whole of October in a little project called October Daily. You may have already heard of October Daily but if not I have more on this subject tomorrow…

Until then, here is my first video to kick off this series…showing you a little Halloween Haul of what I have collected so far 🙂 Oh, and its my first ever face to face video…eek!

Its a bit of a long video, so if you have got time…grab a tea or coffee (or whatever is your poison, Yes pun is intended hehe) and have yourself a half an hour break.

Well that is all from me today but I will be back with some more Halloween magic tomorrow. So until then my crafty friends…much love xxx

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