Q40 #3 Creative Journalling ‘100 Creative Journal Prompt Challenge’

Q40 #3 #missrachelbprompts.jpg

Hello 🙂

Today I have another journal entry for you, for the ‘100 Creative Journal Prompt Challenge’, with another process video to co-along side it. And I also have an announcement!

Firstly, if you are new here the ‘100 Creative Journal Prompt Challenge’ is a competition I am hosting. All you have to do to enter is download the 100 Creative Journal Prompt Challenge PDF file and start completing as many entries as you can before August 2016. The first 3 people to reach 100 or the first 3 people with the most entries by the end date wins a Personalised Handmade Journal made by me. To learn more about how to join in with the fun click here.

And that brings me to my announcement…


The winner is journal_squish.plant on Instagram. She is a young journal writer from Texas and I am so proud that someone that young had decided to join in AND she went ahead and won. Well done journal_squish.plant 🙂

When I asked her what kind of journal she would like, she mentioned 3 requirements;

  1. To be pastel and black themed.
  2. To include her favourite quote… which is “Its a good thing to be strange, Normalness leads to sadness” – Phil Lester (I think this may also be my favourite quote now).
  3. To include Pastel Kawaii Alpacas.

I really was not expecting someone to win so soon, she actually finished her prompts about 2 weeks ago… however, I explained that I had some things to do first then I would get started. Well it is almost finished now and I can eventually get it sent out to her. I will share the finished journal with you guys when she has confirmed she has received it safely.

So back to my entry for today, I choose question 40…which is;

What is the best book you have ever read and why?

Lable Maker Stickers.jpg

Last week my plan was to do a 2 page spread but half way through I changed my mind and only used one page, so I already had a painted page to work on. (Click Here to check out last weeks entry)

First, I just used some Distress inks and stencils to give the page a little extra interest then I got to work with today entry.

I printed off some pictures of the book cover and the author –  that I found on Pinterest and created a card ‘like’ flip to put them in with my journalling. I wont go into to much detail here because I have a YouTube process video for you to watch.

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If you would like me to make a certain video on something just contact me and I will see what I can do. If I am going to make videos, I want them to be as enjoyable for you to watch, as much as I enjoy making them 🙂

Here is some close up pictures;

Q40 Completed layout.jpg
This is the completed layout
A Piece of Cake
My Favourite book is ” A Piece of Cake” by Cupcake Brown. 
Filp tippit.jpg
Here is the card like flap (tipin’) that I created for my pictures and journalling.

If you are interested in checking out this book click here.

Slide show;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think? What’s your favourite book? Have you ever read this book? Leave me a comment down below to let me know 🙂

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