80% Recycled Creative Journal – 100 Creative Journal Prompt Challenge

80% recycled journal front cover.jpg

Firstly, I would like to mention my Challenge that I am hosting…it is called 100 Creative Journal Prompt Challenge” where there will be 3 LUCKY WINNERS! The winners will win a…


To learn more about the challenge and how to join in with the fun…


80% Recycled Creative Journal

For the challenge I have created my own A4 sized journal made from bits and pieces I had in my stash that…I properly would have thrown away eventually. But I had been saving them, waiting for an idea to come to me for what I should use them for! Then when I created this challenge it just came to me…

80% recycled journal 2.jpg

The journal is made from scrap paper I had piled up from printing errors or perfectly good paper that somehow got crumbled up! My son likes to make paper air planes and I just don’t like throwing paper away, so I flattened it out and kept it.

You can see where the folds were made for the paper air plane 🙂

I also added patterned scrap paper that I had left over from packs that had finished and didn’t really have anything matching to add them to…for this project I am not going to worry about things matching!

For the front and back cover I ModPodged a few thin cardboard pieces together (the cardboard you get from packaging), until I felt it was sturdy enough then cut it to size. I then wrapped it in some pattered tissue paper then I got from packaging as well. The front cover is made from the tissue paper I got in my Kikki K packaging. I coloured in the little envelope icons with my Copic pens.

Now, I say it is only 80% recycled because…I was lazy with the binding and used a cinch and the embellishments I have used to decorate are new and not recycled….but I still think 80% recycled is better than 0% recycled. I also added sheets of velum and selected coloured paper, just to add interest. I do plan on using DIY embellishment etc. inside the book as I work through the challenge.

Here is a slide show of some close ups;

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100 Creative Journal Prompt Challenge

So, inside the book I have managed to complete and introduction page (which is optional by the way and not part of the challenge) and my first entry.

I also printed off the challenge prompts and added them into the book when I ‘cinched’ it together, so I can tick off all the entries when I complete them.

100 creative journal prompt challenge

So here is my introduction page;

80% recycled journal introduction page

My introduction page was completed on a sheet of velum, I just stuck my name on with stickers and added some cut apart’s from the ‘Simple Stories – So Fancy’ pack (I LOVE that collection) for decoration. I then flicked some Heidi Swapp ‘Colour Shine’ on it, stuck a paper clip at the top and called that finished!

Here is some close ups;

80% recycled journal introduction page close up

80% recycled journal introduction page close up 2

The back of it isn’t to pretty but that doesn’t bother me…(now) I am doing this project to help me push through perfectionism…I wouldn’t of dreamed leaving a page a mess like that about a year ago, so I am defiantly moving past this issue.

80% recycled journal back of introduction page

My First Entry Q1 #1

I choose Question 1 ‘Who Am I?’ as my first entry, I just thought that was fitting for the first page.

first entry

First I just used my water colours and wrote in different colours and sizes all of the page with my water brush. Then I made an embellishment cluster around some selfie’s I took…I was originally going to just stick it on that page but then I wondered where I would do my writing.


There was another piece of velum paper on the opposite side of the page I was working on, so I wrote my journalling in white pen…. Then when the velum piece was over the previous page…the writing was backwards. (I hope I am making sense here).


I used a little bit of washi tape to stick the pages together then I started decorating the other side of the velum. You can see the white writing and the next page through the velum and I think it makes a brilliant background.

Plus if someone just happened to pick the book up they wouldn’t be able to see what I had wrote…unless they knew to take the washi off…Which everyone I know, will know this secret now, but if you are better at keeping secrets you could use this trick in your journal, if you don’t want prying eyes to see what you have wrote.

Another slide show of close ups;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I quite like what I have done so far and I really enjoyed the process. And that’s what this is all about – having fun while creatively expressing yourself in a healthy way. You get to learn more about yourself, grow your personal-development and your creative skills at the same time!!

What can be better than that.

I cant wait to see everyone else creations…if you decide to join in of course 🙂 I really hope you do!

If you would like to join in with the fun CLICK HERE to learn more!

What do you think of my journal? I would really love to hear your feedback. Please leave me a comment down below 🙂

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