A Beginners Crash Course on Journalling Part 5 – “Different Journalling Supplies”

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This is the ‘fifth’ instalment of a 7 part series. This Series is called “A Beginners Crash Course on Journalling”. I will be talking about the ins and outs of journalling from all the information I have gathered from my extensive research and my experience so far. When I was originally writing this, it was just going to be one post…but I just had so much to say and the post got longer and longer. So, I thought it was best to break it up for you…and turn it into a mini ‘Crash Course’.

What supplies do you need to start journalling?

You don’t need much to get started journalling…really paper and a pen/pencil is all you will need (or a computer/laptop). But if you are planning to make journalling a habit, it will be nice for you to invest in a nice journal and a good quality pen you feel comfortable writing with. There are so many different supplies to choose from and things you may want to consider before running out to buy anything.

The Journal

Yesterday, we discussed the different kinds and uses for journals, so I think the first step is to work out what you would like to keep a journal for…then you can narrow down your search for your perfect journal. For example; if you want to keep a health journal, maybe a 3 ring binder with dividers would be better to use…so you can organise the different sections. But if you just want to keep an everyday journal, to write down your thoughts…a nice notebook might do the trick.

Here is a list of journals you might want to consider;

  • Ring Bound Notebook
  • Composition Style Notebook
  • 3 Ring Binder
  • Filofax
  • Midori Traveller’s Notebook
  • Sketchbook
  • Scrapbook/Smashbook

Other things you may want to consider is; whether you want lined or unlined paper and what size will you be comfortable with? Or, are you more of a ‘tech’ person and would prefer to journal digitally?

There are a few different options you can go for when journalling digitally as well;

  • Computer – Word Document
  • Apps you can use on your tablet or phone; For example, Evernote
  • Audio Journalling – Where you just speck into a voice recorder…(I would feel like some kind of detective doing this)

…Or, would you want to take it a step further and make a public journal, such as;

  • Blogging(The word Blog & Blogging comes from its original name ‘Web Log’ or ‘Web Logging’) where you share your thoughts via blogging platforms, For example; Blogger or WordPress
  • Vlogging – (The word Vlog & Vlogging come from its original name ‘Video log’ or ‘Video Logging’) where you share your day to day life via video, For example; YouTube
  • Podcast – This is an online audio type way to share your thoughts…think ‘Radio’


So many options, but I am going to carry on this post as if you have chosen to use a paper based journal…because I am ALL for old school!

Writing implement…

Ahhh, for the love of pens… I am a stationary lover, I could even take it a step further and say I am stationary addicted, so I could actually write forever on this subject but I will keep it short and sweet. Basically, you can write with whatever pen you love and feel comfortable with. You will need one that sits in your hand nicely and moves around the paper with ease…to try and avoid ‘hand cramp’!

Here are some ‘things’ you may want to consider while choose your perfect pen;

  • What kind?

– Calligraphy pen

– Ball point pen

– Pencil

– Crayon, etc.

  • What colour? – So many colours – just get them all! Yes, am an enabler when it comes to stationary!
  • Does is write well on your chosen journal paper? – Some pens may seep through the paper to the other side, this can be very annoying when it happens…so I suggest you do a little test with your pens on the back page before you get started.


Depending on what ‘kind’ of journalling you decide to do, will depend on what extra supplies you will need…For example; for Art Journalling you will need some art supplies and for Creative Journalling you will need some basic art supplies and some craft supplies.

So, I will just give you a list of things I feel is necessary for a beginner to get started;

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Washi tape 
  • Memorabilia (which you will just inquire on your way, these are things like ticket stubs, cinema tickets, leaflets, photos etc.)
  • Ephemera
  • …and maybe some kind of pencil case or bag to store all your goodies in.

Over time you ‘stash’ will grow, so don’t feel like you have to run out and buy things right away. You will find what you like using and what you don’t like using as time goes on. You just have to remember not to take it too seriously, you need to enjoy what you’re doing and have fun. There are many groups on Facebook you could join to get inspiration from other like-minded people…My favourite for stationary goodies is Mrs Brimble’s Happy Place or you can join my Facebook group, I would love to have you over there.

I would love to hear from you. How do you feel about journalling? Have you tried keeping a journal before or do you currently use one? What’s your experience with journals? Please leave a comment down below.

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