Me Time

Me Time


Time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.

What is ‘Me Time’?

It is hard to say exactly what ‘me time’ is because ‘me time’ is as unique and individual as you and me! It means something different to every person. But to break it down… it is carving out recreational time for yourself to do something that you enjoy that relaxes and recharges your batteries.


Why is ‘Me Time’ so important?

When we were kids, all of our time was ‘Me Time’, we only thought about ourselves and what would make us happy, with little care about others, guilt free. (Love them 2 words together…say it again with me GUILT FREE) Kids are selfish like that! However, as we grow up we learn to become more compassionate towards others…we are told we need to think about others and their needs. Which we do…don’t get me wrong. But during our time growing up, we gain more and more responsibilities as time goes on. While growing a family, while getting promotions at work or maybe you have to start careering for an older family member or friend because they become sick…whatever the reason. We begin to lose bits of ourselves, we forget what we once loved doing. We spend less and less time doing things for ourselves. We put everyone else’s needs in front of our own…basically becoming salves to our own life. And when we do get a chance to do something for ourselves…we can’t help but feel guilty about it the whole time, which defeats the object of taking time out completely.

This can be extremely exhausting and if you don’t take some time out for yourself…you are not only doing a dis-service to yourself…you are doing a dis-service to those around you. Because if you don’t look after yourself you won’t be in the right state of mind, physically and mentally, to take care of others. That’s when you start making mistakes, you get angry with people easier, you will start to take short cuts to get your jobs done quicker…which could potentially lead to more work that you could have avoided.

This is why you need to take time out for yourself…take care of yourself, respect yourself and do it guilt free because you need it for your own sanity. You won’t only be doing yourself a favour…you will be doing other people a favour too.

 ‘Me, Myself & I’

We all know it is important to make time to spend with your family and loved ones, this is because you want to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Family time, monthly dates with your partner and nights out or lunch with friends. So why wouldn’t you want to make time to spend by yourself? You also need to maintain a healthy relationship with YOU. Spending time alone builds a stronger sense of self, increasing your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love. It is necessary for your overall mental well-being and it teaches you to enjoy your own company.

Life can get a little bit overwhelming at times, making you feel stressed, tense and anxious. This will make you look at the world with resentment. ‘Me Time’ gives you a chance to disconnect from the world and reconnect with your inner self. Then when it is time to take on your day…you will have an overall better look at the world.

‘Me Time’ allows you to take a breather from your everyday life, giving you time to reflect, relax and recharge your energy levels.

‘Me Time’ Benefits…

Benefits of me time.jpg

Look at all those benefits… you have so many reasons to carve out some ‘Me Time’! So go do it now, open up your planner and for the rest of the write in a weekly ME DATE with ME, MYSELF & I!

 ‘Me Time’ Ideas…

Me Time Ideas


Do you take time out for yourself? 

Do you feel like you deserve it?

What do you do during your ‘Me Time’?

How much time do you take?


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4 thoughts on “Me Time

  1. This was the ideal post for me to read today! This week, I felt so frustrated because I didn’t get enough “me time” in the studio! Thankfully, I was able to carve out some last night. I know that in the future I definitely need to make a more concerted effort to set aside time for art making, because we deserve it!

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