13 Ten Minute Activities to Help You out Of a ‘Funk’!

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We all get into a ‘funk’ sometimes. Maybe we just wake up that day and decide we just can’t be bothered to do anything, maybe something unexpected comes up, consequently, making you fall behind on your planned tasks or maybe you have just over booked yourself. Whatever the reason is for you getting into a ‘funk’, when it happens it feels horrible. It somehow, makes the simplest task turn into a big confusing process…that we either totally avoid (which makes ourselves feel worse) or we frustrate ourselves to complete the tasks with ‘hums’ and ‘ahhs’. We become one of those annoying people that complain all the time. (I sometimes may be guilty of this) But, complaining is bad for soul, complaining vibrates and attracts negative energy. And once you are in that ‘negativity’ cycle, it is hard to get out of it. Therefore, making you feel stuck!

When this happens to me, it hugely effects my creativity. Making it hard for me to write or create. It is like my creative mojo has gone to sleep or even worse…gone on vacation without letting me know! And as ‘creativity’ is my job, this becomes very, very frustrating because I know that I can’t ignore it. So, as a backup plan, I have wrote a list of things that help me out of a ‘funk’ that only take 10 minutes to complete (as time is precious) and I thought I would share them here with you today…

Paint your nails


Sometimes when I am in a ‘funk’ I just need to do something for myself. Painting my nails does just that. It makes me feel better about myself and boosts my confidence. Once I finish and I look down at my lovely painted nails it makes me happy and brightens up my day. I feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Because come on girls…there is nothing worse than looking down at your nails and seeing them unpainted, snapped and uneven. This makes you feel drab and unkempt. And this will affect your mood and overall performance.

If you don’t like painting your nails…or if you are a man, you could just give them a clip, clean them up and make them even.

Painting nails is also a creative process, so for me it sparks up ideas and helps me to get my juices flowing again. I find the process very relaxing and calming, therefore, it helps me take my mind off ‘things’ for 10 minutes. Making me feel refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energized to take action on tasks with a more positive attitude.

Go for a walk


We all know this, getting out of the house and breathing in the fresh air and soaking up that vitamin D that we get from the sun…makes us feel better.  Going for a walk has so many benefits for your overall health. It clears your mind, improves your concentration and makes you feel happier and more alert. When you get back you will have a different outlook and be able to look at things with a different perspective.

Do a quick clean


Doing a quick clean of your environment will defiantly help you out of a ‘funk’. Being surrounded by clutter or mess will only add to your overwhelm and decrease your energy levels. Give yourself 10 minutes to pick things up, empty your bins and polish down surfaces etc. You may only need to clear the area that you’re working in, like your computer desk. It is part of my process now to clean my desk before I write because if I don’t I get distracted and find it hard to concentrate. It frees my mind up to think and plan out what I am trying to do.

Pet an animal

This is my little puppy dog, Bailey.

Petting an animal has a positive impact on your overall mood and has been proved to be a calming stress fighter. Spending time with an animal can lower your blood pressure and helps release a relaxing hormone, while fighting off the stress hormone. Whenever I feel in a ‘funk’ I will play or pet my Bailey Boo, he never fails to cheer me up. He is such a happy little thing and instantly gets me out of a ‘funk’.

Dance to some music


Take 10 minutes break from whatever you’re doing to listen to some music and if you are able to…get up and dance. Shake that booty! You don’t have to be good at dancing, just get your body moving and your heart pumping. Release some of them ‘feel good’ endorphins, dance off those mental cobwebs and you will for sure pull yourself out of the ‘funk’ you are in.

Get creative


Sometimes the cure to a creativity block is to get creative. Do something that you don’t need to think about and does not limit you. I like to pull out my art journal because there is no restrictions or ‘rules’. And it’s just like the process of painting your nails, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and helps spark up new ideas.

Art Journal Page.jpg
Here is one of my art journal pages I recently did. 

Phone a friend


I just did this today…(however, it lasted more like an hour then 10 minutes, we like to talk…{Hi Gem!}). Phoning a friend will help you take your mind off ‘things’ or help you work through your ‘things’ with a little help. Connecting with others is a basic human need and when we get into a ‘funk’ we tend to do the opposite and isolate ourselves. You will notice after you have spoken to a friend about your problems they will feel less intense, therefore giving you a chance to look at things with a different perspective.

Blow some bubbles



I must admit I don’t really do this but it is on my list anyway (I will one day). I have took a leaf out of ‘Sponge Bobs’ book. Blowing bubbles is fun and kids love them. When you are feeling in a ‘funk’ sometimes you just need to take a break from all the seriousness and get in touch with your inner child.



Here is my mantra again…

‘Journalling is the best and cheapest form of therapy’

Journalling helps you sort through your feelings and re-evaluate your current circumstances. Journalling about your ‘funk’ can help you work out why you are in it and how you can overcome it. If you don’t journal, try writing down a list of things that you love or things you are thankful for, this will boost your mood and may help you look at things differently with a more positive viewpoint.

Plan a fun activity


If you are feeling in a ‘funk’ from being overwhelmed by work and routine, take 10 minutes out to plan a fun activity. You don’t necessarily have to do the activity but I recommend that you do. If money is a issue, plan something that doesn’t cost much, like going for a picnic with your family or taking your kids to the park. If you have something to look forward to it will give you more motivation to get what needs to be done…done.

Look through some old photographs



Looking through old photographs is known to lift your spirits. Pull out your albums from when your children were little or that amazing holiday you went on. However, I know when I pull out the old photographs it takes me longer than 10 minutes…before I know its 3 hours has gone by…Oops! So don’t do that. Maybe keep your favourite ones that make you feel happy all together and in a handy place to just have a quick look at. Or you could splurge on one of those digital photo frames for your desk, which flip through your photographs.

Deep breathing/Meditation


Deep breathing/Meditation are both practises that give you a break from your head…your thinking. Taking 10 minutes to focus your thoughts, without any distractions from our electronic devices, can give your brain the break it needs to overcome the ‘funk’ you’re in. These practises allow us to become mindful of how we are actually feeling, physically and mentally. When we take the time to notice how we feel and why, without judging it…allows us to recharge and tackle overwhelm with more positive attitude.

Take a nap


If all else fails take a nap…

When you feel tired there is no wonder you are in a ‘funk’ or vice versa, if you’re in a ‘funk’ it will make you tired from all the metal stress you may be feeling. Being tired effects our thinking, attention, memory, reasoning, and mood, which will make your ‘funk’ feel more intense and frustrating. Once taking a nap you may notice your creativity and alertness increasing, and having an overall better look on ‘things’

What do you do to help yourself out of a ‘funk’? I would love to know, to add them to my list.

Also if there is a certain subject you would like me to write about, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you.

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