My ‘Crafty’ March Favourites

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This month has been a good month for me, ‘craftily speaking’. I have tried a lot of new things, got some new stuff and I have found it easy to get in the ‘zone’. I feel like I have finally found my process… prep, get started, enjoy the process and then the final touches. I enjoy every single step of the whole process. Crafting defiantly is my happy place.

So I thought I would gather all my favourites from last month and share them with you.

Project life

12 by 12 Baby Pink Project Life Album from Hobby Craft

Project life is new to me, I have been wanting to start for a while and have watched like a million YouTube videos of other people’s processes. I was so excited to start my own and I finally took the plunge. I was so lucky it was Mother’s Day coming up because I knew exactly what to ask for hehe. So when my Project Life supplies arrived I wanted to jump right in…however, I became so overwhelmed with it all and didn’t know where to start. That often happens to me when I try something new. I had watched so many process videos and everyone has their ‘own’ way of documenting. So this just confused me further.

After seeking advice from a lovely Facebook group that I am in, (Mrs Brimble’s Happy Place, more information below) I pushed through my discomfort and just started. I struggled at first but it didn’t take me long to find my feet and by the end of my first layout I feel in love with it.

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Project Life is such a great way to document the ‘small stuff’, the pictures that are not particular ‘special’ enough to scrapbook a 12 by 12 layout  (like from special events ect.) but all the same precious enough to NOT want to forget.

My favourite Project Life YouTubers are Ashley Laura & The Sassy Club, if you would like to check them out.

(For people that are unaware of what Project Life is…it is a simplified scrap booking alternative to document your memories – click here  if you’re interested and would like to learn more).

Pocket letters

Pocket letters have been around for quite some time now, but I have just been admiring other people’s creations from distance and not actually participating. Pocket Letters were created by Janette Lane, as a new way of sending and receiving pen pal letters. Basically it is the process of filling a 9 page pocket protector (like a baseball card protector) with goodies; such as stickers, embellishments etc., along with a letter and mail tag. But the fun part is… you get to decorate the front however you choose to.

(To learn more about pocket letters click here)

I have never had a pen pal before and this is what held me back but I have connected with some people in a pocket letter Facebook group and I have made my first 3;

The Little Mermaid Theme

Little Mermaid Pocket Letter
Little Mermaid Themed Pocket Letter.

Easter theme

Easter Pocket Letter

Tinker Bell theme

Tinker Bell Pocket Letter

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I have found it easier to create them with a theme in mind but there is so many creative ones out there… if you are interested in pocket letters I suggest you join a Facebook group to get a feel for them and find a swapping partner…or if you would like to contact me, I will be happy to do a swap with you.

My favourite YouTuber for pocket letter inspiration is Serena Bee, she has such a unique cute creepy crafting style I highly suggest you check her out. Click here to be taken to her pocket letter playlist.


Flip-books are kind of new and really on trend at the moment. This is another way of creating creative snail mail for your pen pal. I have been obsessed with watching these process videos too (Yes, I am YouTube Junkie). For a more detailed explanation of what a flip-book is, here is a YouTube video by the lovely Filiz Loves Paper. She has been like the queen of flip books on YouTube, her creations are so pretty and unique. If you don’t already know who she is, here is a link to her channel. She also shares her creations on her Instagram profile, I recommend you check them out if this interests you.

I have only managed to create one flip-book so far (and its not even fully finished) and I am not too happy with it…I think this is because I had a totally different vision of what the final piece would look like and it didn’t match my expectations. But I will create more and not let that hold me back…I have some really great ideas floating around my head…for when I get the time to create another one.

Flip Book…no particular theme!

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Miss Brimble’s Box

March Brimble’s Box


If you are a stationary lover like me then you have probably already heard of the Brimble’s Box and if you haven’t you are totally missing out. Mrs Brimble’s aka Anna is another lovely lady on YouTube and she owns her own little online stationary shop. This is particularly good for getting your hands on those pretty US stationary supplies in the UK, as she uses her magical powers to gather all the latest and greatest stationary supplies from around the world and makes them accessible to us in the UK…but not only for us…she also ships internationally. What makes Mrs Brimble stand out, is that she also designs her own unique supplies; such as stickers, dash boards, washy tape etc. which are always so cute and adorable. She incorporates those designs in her Monthly Brimble Boxes, which you can subscribe too or buy one off’s. They are amazing! Every month there is different theme and you can subscribe to a selection of different types of boxes that cater to your own needs & wants; such as, stationary themed, A5 or personal planner themed or happy mail themed. (To learn more click here)

I don’t have a subscription but I couldn’t resist last month’s box…it was Easter themed and once you get to know Anna you will come to learn that she LOVES bunnies! She often gives us a peak at her own bunnies on her YouTube channel and Facebook group. So I just know so much love went into her own designs…and let me tell you, you can tell. They are adorable and I could not miss out on them.  To watch an unboxing of the box click here.

Here is a peak at how I have used mine…

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Yes, you read right…Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I needed something to watch while I was crafting and I was scrolling through Netflix to find something good and came across good old buffy ***smiles***. I used to love watching ‘buffy’ when I was younger and have been hooked again. It has been like a whole new series to me since I haven’t watched it for so long.



Yummy, I love a good old snack while I am crafting….who doesn’t? Maltesters is my snack of choice …not just this last month though. It is my all-time favourite thing to snack on at any time. While I watch TV, when I craft, when I read, when I write, when I travel….you get my drift, so I will stop here hehe.

My Kikki k’s

Left – Large Kikki K Grey Wellness Planner / Right– Large Kiiki K Yellow Personal Planner

Ahh for the love of Kikki K’s.

My lovely partner was working in London for a week and before he left I casually told him there was a Kikki K shop there and that they sold the best planners. I went on to bore him with the details of my favourite colours and sizes etc. and why they are just so beautiful. You know, subtly hinting for a present hehe. So I was kind of anticipating that he would bring me one back (because he is just lovely like that) but to my utter delight he brought me back two…yes two. I have been a very spoilt lady last month.

He brought me the large grey Wellness Planner that has a lovely mint colour interior. It is just gorgeous to look at but the inserts are also very useful and beneficial for your overall well-being. Giving you space to plan and track you’re eating and exercise habits. There is also section to put in your goals in, do a weekly reflection and a place to take care of your ‘mind’. (For a more detailed look, click here to be taken to the lovely Daisy’s YouTube channel at My Green Cow).

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He also brought me the large yellow personal planner with black and white chevron interior. It is so bright and makes me happy just looking at it. I can’t wait to move into it for summer. (Here is a link to Daisy’s channel where she does detailed review of it).

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If you are interested…. Come back and visit me next week where I will give you a look through my planners and share how I use them…to stay productive and focused on my work.

Also if there is a certain subject you would like me to write about, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you.

So this brings me to the end of my post… I hope you have enjoyed reading…What is your favourite thing to use/do currently? Do you keep a planner? How do you document the small stuff in your life? I would love to hear about your crafty endeavours.


This post has lots of  links. So I would just like to state that I am not sponsored or affiliated by anybody mentioned in this post. The people/products I have mentioned in this post are 100% my own honest opinions.

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